The Learning Healthcare Project The Learning Health Care Project

Learning Health System Projects

Project Resource
Department of Learning Health Sciences, University of Michigan Professor Charles Friedman Interview
International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement Dr Caleb Stowell Interview
An Ethics Framework for a Learning Health System Professor Faden and Professor Kass Interview
Kantor Health Foundation Mr Joshua Rubin Interview
PopMedNet Dr Jeff Brown Interview
National Academy of Medicine (previously Institute of Medicine) Dr Michael McGinnis Interview
Geisinger Health System Site visit to Geisinger Health System
FDA Mini-Sentinel Project Professor Richard Platt Interview
Optum Labs (Boston) Dr Paul Wallace Interview
AcademyHealth Dr Lisa Simpson Interview
IBM Yorktown IBM Watson Site Visit
NHS Digital (Previously HSCIC) Mr Kingsley Manning interview
TRANSFoRm Project The TRANSFoRm Project
Oxford University
EMIS Healthcare, Leeds Dr Shaun O’Hanlon Interview
Learning Healthcare Project The Potential of Learning Healthcare Systems
Tohoku Medical Megabank Organisation Professor Hiroshi Tanaka

Thanks go to Lynn Etheredge who has identified many of of the resources in this database.